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copper properties

Copper has the ability to kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria in very short time. Being a material that effectively reduces exposure to infection.


COBRE ACTIVO offers copper build buttons, which reduce the spread of viruses, fungi and bacteria.

COBRE ACTIVO offers a customized buttons kits according on the model of each equipment (which varies depending on the elevator, ATM, etc.).

Each button kit is delivered installed.


Very quick and easy!

  1. First, the model is defined for each particular project.

  2. Then, the original board surface is prepared and, using an extra strong adhesive, the new copper button is installed on the surface of the old button.

  3. Finally, installation is completed by polishing and shining the entire surface of the board.



  • Round: 10, 11, 12...28, 29, 30 mm in diameter.

  • Square: 10, 11, 12...28, 29, 30 mm each side.

  • Custom: round, square, or any custom geometry with numbers, holes and more.

If you have any more questions about the service and product offered by COBRE ACTIVO, please go to the QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS HERE.

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contact form

If you are a building manager or simply if you are interested in reducing infection by surfaces contact, please complete the following form:

To speed up the quote, remember:

  • Tell us in Comments, if you want to quote more than one building tower or you want to quote ATM buttons.

  • Choose your button "Custom Design" from the Geometry, when requiring a geometry different than circular or square, or if you require the buttons to have a custom feature, such as numbers and/or drills. Tell us these characteristics in Comments..

  • Indicate the size of your button in [mm], to see example click here.

  • IMPORTANT: if you quote for an office building that has a floor digitizer in the hallways, tell us this in Comments.


Thanks for your message!

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