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COBRE ACTIVO was created in 2020 to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and other contagious diseases.


In COBRE ACTIVO we have identified risk areas with high flows of people, which represent important sources of infection. To minimize the virus spread, we have developed a new product that helps to prevent, in a massive and effective way, the spread of the Corona Virus.

The main objective of COBRE ACTIVO is to provide a wide-ranging solution to its clients, diligently and effectively. To achieve this, the company has a network of strategic partners that allows it to offer a quick and high-quality installation service, which represents a transcendental vector to reduce the contagion curve.

Molinos de viento



COBRE ACTIVO has supported their initiative with two prominent academic studies from the University of California and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Furthermore, COBRE ACTIVO is confident in the potential of its project and aims to be a global change agent, with active participation in the field of research and development, with the purpose of studying new applications, generating new studies, under the highest research standards.


The Earth is changing. If we truly want Chile and the world to move along the path of sustainability, we must adapt and adhere to the highest standards. COBRE ACTIVO seeks to be an agent of change, applying actions that allow it to be more responsible in health and safety, environment and business ethics.


COBRE ACTIVO wants to boost extractive copper mining, adding value to the raw materials, through the development of a final product, made in Chile, positioning the country as a reference in copper-based sanitary solutions.

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